Service Videos

This section includes videos covering basic repairs. Four types of videos are provided: installation, operation, troubleshooting and service, and preventative maintenance. The videos contain the tools used and step-by-step instructions for the various procedures.

To view the video, click on the video image.

WARNING: Service and troubleshooting procedures should be handled by a qualified service person. If you decide to troubleshoot your equipment, please reference the product manual for complete safety information. We recommend you disconnect electrical power to the unit before attempting any service. Failure to follow these and all safety instructions can result in injury, property damage and or void the factory warranty.

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Removing and Installing the Back Panel – Frontload Washer
Troubleshooting and Service
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Preventative Maintenance
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Preventative Maintenance - Stack Tumble Dryer
Cleaning the Soap Dispenser - Washer-Extractor
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How a Tumble Dryer Works
How a Topload Washer Works
How a Frontload Washer Works
Proper Loading - Frontload Washer
Proper Loading - Washer-Extractor
Proper Loading - Topload Washer
Overcoming Oversudsing - Washer-Extractor
Overcoming Oversudsing - Topload Washer
Overcoming Oversudsing - Frontload Washer